Sunday, May 3, 2009

spring cleaning

I have a whole shelf of notebooks. I love notebooks. I like them plain, with lines, with grids, with dots as grids. I like them with white paper, black paper, colored paper, differently colored paper in one notebook. I like them with printed covers, plain covers, cloth covers, plastic covers. I have notebooks from Muji, Singapore, London, the States, Starbucks, National, Fully Booked and several other random places.

I have big notebooks that are good for journalling, notebooks with multi-colored paper that are more fun, plain notebooks for doodling and thinking stuff out. I have thin, small notebooks that are easy to bring around, and souvenir notebooks that remind me of places I've traveled to.

The problem is that I can't use them. Some of them are so nice (like the pasalubong from my sister from the Globe Theater with an illustration of  Midsummer Night's Dream's Titania or the ringbound Muji with dotted paper and "2 elastic bands, 1 to keep a page marked and 1 to keep the book closed") that I can't imagine what I would write that would do them justice.

Recently I've told myself that I need to start using the notebooks and stop buying until I lessen stock. But the only thing I really think is "worth it" to use a nice notebook up for is as a journal. Or to write down things that are groundbreaking. But that never happens.

I actually use notebooks everyday at work to take down agreements and action points at meetings. And I've tried to get myself to use the nice notebooks for work. But I can't bring myself to write client directions like "bigger logo, bigger logo, BIGGER LOGO" or "more exciting animation daw" (actual notes) on my pretty flower-patterned, cloth-bound from Paperchase or the Quotable Quotes one that reads "Life is about creating YOURSELF" on the cover.

So I have scratch notebooks. Lots of scratch noteboks. Usually Coronas, which I also really like even if I think the paper quality has declined in the last few years. I can write easily in those because they're easy to replace and I could even buy them in bulk if I wanted. I have lined Coronas, grid Coronas, Steno Coronas, all those Coronas in white, blue, pink....

Will it never end.


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