Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marvel does Pride & Prejudice

My younger sister, who is an English teacher at UP (University of the Philippines), has been bugging me to read Pride & Prejudice. Of all of Jane Austen's classics I've only read Emma... and only because I read that it was the source material for Clueless.

But this might finally get me on the P&P bandwagon. Marvel has done a remake of the Austen classic... as a comic book.

Am going to read the first issue for free here.

Not sure why Marvel would do this... seems like such a huge jump from their usual material. Can't decide if they're (a) trying to renew interest in the classics, or (b) trying to grow their consumer base to include more females. Probably the latter!

(In other comic book-related news, did you hear that Archie already proposed to... Veronica?!)


Budjette said...

Marvel's been adapting classic works in comic book format for quite some time now :)

bea said...

That shows how many comics I read :P

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