Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MMDA Urinal Penholder!!

Oh wow. There are no words to describe this..........
The good news is that you can win one of these lovely MMDA urinal penholders! All you have to do is take a photo of an area in the Philippines that Bayani Fernando has helped to improve and upload it on his website. Good news for everyone. Complete mechanics here.

Looks like part of BF's push to be more Web 2.0 savvy. Clicked through to the Bayani F website and found it very interesting how he is "BF everywhere". Most of the links lead to badly updated sites though...

My question is, who wants to have this guy as one of their SNS friends? Hmmm and where does the pen go??


Unknown said...

This is rather surprising and disturbing. And yet...I am ALMOST convinced Bayani can become president.

I might actually vote for him if he released campaign materials with the same odd flair.

Heaven help us all.

bea said...

Heaven help us is RIGHT!

Unknown said...

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