Thursday, June 25, 2009

Philippine website data by Alexa

I check Alexa every so often to check out the site trends in the country. Hadn't checked in a few months but found a few things interesting:

- Facebook has reached the "mass"es. While Yahoo!, Friendster, Google and YouTube have been in the top five for quite some time, there is a new site at #5: Facebook! Wonder how this corresponds to the present number of Filipino users on Facebook... since I heard last year that there were fewer than 1M people on the network.

We can also get a few clues about our most popular online activities:
- Search: Yahoo (#1), (#3) - Though not sure if these rankings include Mail, Answer, Docs, etc pages.
- Social networking: Friendster (#2), Facebook (#5) and Multiply (#7), Tagged (#15).
- Media sharing / viewing: YouTube (#4), Imeem (#17 - though I guess this counts as a social networking site as well!)
- Blogging / Blog reading: Blogger (#8), Wordpress (#13)
- Photo sharing / viewing: Although Photobucket (#12) is apparently more popular than Flickr (#18)

- Do targeted web banners work? (which seems like some kind of MMORPG) is #14 today. I see the Travian banner ads on so many video streaming sites like Surfthechannel and Yidio, but I've never clicked. Interestingly enough, the messaging is always properly targeted and written in Tagalog! Maybe that strategy is working.

- Microblogging is on the rise. Twitter now #27 & Plurk at #54.

- Local sites in the Top100: Inquirer is still the highest ranked (#37), followed by Philstar & (#57), PEP (#61), GMA (#63), PEX (#65), Smart (#78) >> We are still interested in the news and gossip but apparently we are now interested in telecom info as well.

- Hardcore gaming sites seem to have declined... Levelupgames (#40), Garena (#60), Egames (#70), while casual games seem to be more popular - Y8 (#8), Zynga (#34).

- New search engines. Some people are using Bing (#48) and some people are stalking using Spock (#64)!

- What other content are we looking for? Onemanga (#19), Friendster-layouts (#23), MP3codes (#58), deviantART (#66), Reference (#68), MetroLyrics (#92)

This must of course be taken with a grain of salt, since Alexa can only generate data from users who have downloaded their toolbar.


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