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Looks like the hype is finally building for Spring Awakening Manila.

I'm very excited to see it... Though it's always scary to have something you love re-done by someone else - don't you get that feeling when you hear rumors about a possible Friends movie? It could go so wrong!

I'm sure it will be amazing though, since Atlantis has a great track record... I saw their Rent five times!

In case you haven't read much about the play yet, Spring Awakening is a re-telling of the 1891 play of the same title by Frank Wedekind. It takes place in pre-Hitler Germany and tells the story of teenagers who are struggling to make sense of their sexuality versus the very conservative (older members of) society that refuses to educate or guide them.

The play was banned during Wedekind's time, but Steven Sater and Duncan Shiek resurrected the property that eventually opened on Broadway in 2006. The show was extremely successful, with critics touting it as the Rent of the 2000s. It eventually went on to win the Tony for Best Musical in 2007.

The genius of this play, I think, is in the treatment of the musical numbers. It says in the CD notes that (I'm paraphrasing) Steven and Duncan decided that, unlike in traditional musicals that use songs to advance the story, all the songs in Spring should be moments of reflection or personal thought. So you'll never see two characters singing to each other as if they spontaneously decided to break out into song... and thus, were able to infuse the old school 19th century content with beautiful pop and rock songs that are rocking the world!

Because I so love Spring, and haven't really seen much online marketing by Atlantis for their previous productions, I'd like to offer some free online digital marketing ideas. I'm sure their sales model of having individuals / private groups buy show dates and take care of their own sales is working for them. But shows like this only come around once every few years and I think they have an opportunity to highlight some extremely relevant subject matter that will resonate with a lot of Filipinos.

Some of these ideas are serious and some are really not. I'll leave it to you (and Atlantis) to decide which are which:

1. Promotional Video w/ Online Release
This is inspired by the one Lin Manuel Miranda did to promote In The Heights, a contemporary rap-musical about community and family.

The show opened around the time that High School Musical 2 came out. It seems that LMM decided to use YouTube as a promotional tool by spoofing of one of the songs in the movie.

{Insert slow clapping emoticon}
By using the HSM2 song and giving (the original Melchior and my super Broadway crush) Jonathan Groff a cameo, he puts this video right in the potential search results for people who are into the High School Musical franchise (and are teens, who are part of the target market) or are fans of Jonathan Groff (and therefore probably inclined to come see another Broadway show). He is a genius!

And, well, his show followed in Spring's footsteps and went on to win the Tony for Best Musical in 2008. Ya?

2. Tie-up with Durex or Frenzy
The story features teenage sex and teenage pregancy - I'd say this makes it a dream tie-up for a condom manufacturer. Sadly, I cannot take credit for this idea.

3. Twitter account for the stage manager
I think that stage managers have the most fascinating job. And I'm sure they'll have all of good tsismis... and maybe give away free tickets? Or unclaimed free stage seats ala Ellen DeGeneres?

4. Do Spring Unplugged and release on... Fliptunes.net?
iTunes got Duncan Shiek and some of the Spring cast members to record Spring Awakening as part of their Live from Soho series! All the songs are great, especially the "Bitch of Living" with Duncan, Jonathan Gallagher Jr and Hunter Parrish, and Duncan's solo "Guilty Ones".

5. Behind-the-scenes coverage on Pelicola.tv
Pelicola is the perfect partner for Spring in terms of style and the expertise in producing music content.

6. Content-rich Spring website
The original website has the usual Story, Cast & Crew features but also a special section for fans - which includes a forum and the chance to ask a featured cast member any question the fans want. Sadly, none of my questions ever got posted. Who doesn't want to know how Matt Doyle (of Gossip Girl fame) feels about being called "Mattchior"?

The website should, of course, have a... (this is my *winning* idea)

7. 1800s Bloomers widget
Want to see how you'd look if you were cast in the play and had to wear these great suit-bloomer things? Simply upload your photo into this app and viola. Then you'll get to choose which neo-modern hairstyle you'd be sporting - corissants like Georg or straight up like Moritz.
You can then share your Spring Awakened photo on Facebook, Plurk, Twitter & Multiply.


I'm sure this has sparked many ideas for the local production team. Right?! Believe it or not, I held back a bit when listing ideas in case Atlantis actually wants to pay me (or give me an unlimited pass to watch?) to give them access to the goldmine that is my Spring Awakening Manila web marketing plan!

For more info and ticket inquiries, check out Atlantis Productions. Or follow Spring on Twitter.

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Bey!! What is your "winning" idea?

Unknown said...

If it's a secret, email me!!! Hahaha! I wanna know!

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