Saturday, September 12, 2009

Impossible that this was choreographed you say?

Massive flash mob kicks off Oprah's 24th season

Oprah's team must have decided that the premiere of their 24th season was going to be the biggest thing ever.

So they invited the producer of the famed T-Mobile train station flash mob to help. They started with a group of 20 dancers, and then invited Oprah's community on Facebook and Twitter to be part of the movement. 800 people showed up to learn the dance, who in turn taught the moves to a crowd of over 20,000 on show day.

Add to this the Black Eyed Peas with "I Gotta Feeling", the most infectious, LSS-inducing song ever and you've got a hell off a premiere party.

And if you thought that Oprah looked extremely surprised, it's because her team kept it a secret from her. I WOULD LOVE A SURPRISE LIKE THIS!

What a sight!

After the number, said that this was the performance he's enjoyed the most because of  (the power of) crowd participation. I say this is the power of community.

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