Tuesday, September 8, 2009

organizing my digital self

Just got an invite for Yahoo! Meme. Here is my profile! (Let me know if you want an invite.) Not sure what I really have to say that would be all that different from what I'm already saying here and my other blog.

In addition to that, I also manage Twitter, Plurk and Facbook accounts. I've really de-prioritized Multiply since people only seem to do re-posts there. Also haven't been taking that many pictures, and that was really the point of that site, at least for me.

And now there are so many more "lifestream" sites and I just don't know what to do with my Posterous, Tumblr... Not to mention the social bookmarking sites, playlist sites, scrapbooking sites, professional social networking sites...

Anybody else encountering the same problems?


Ramon said...

ping.fm is useful :) It's not organization but rather simplification.

bea said...

Statuses aren't so bad. I linked my Facebook to Twitter and Plurk is really just for things I don't think anybody will read (i.e. the kind of thing that would appear on a "Top 10 Most Annoying Updates" kind of article!). I just log on every 12 hours so that karma won't dip!

It's really more the rest of the sites that parang I want to take advantage of but can't figure out what to put in them.

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