Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saw this video on the digital buzz blog, about the evolution of Google. It's amazing what they have accomplished in the last decade+.

But the other feeling that I got from this video is that Google probably knows us more intimately than many of our friends and family via our online patterns. Imagine. You use Google Mail, so they know your closest friends, their e-mail addresses and the deeply personal things that you tell only your closest friends - whether you're thinking of quitting your job or maybe that you hooked up with a stranger. You stay logged on to GMail so they can keep track of your searches too. Are you shopping, looking for a vacation location, or are you surfing for movie reviews? Who are you cyber stalking? They know it all. Your calendar is also on Google so they can pretty much tell what your social life looks like, or your business development strategy via client meetings. They even know that High School Musical is a guilty pleasure because I've watched virtually all of the videos on YouTube!

And more recently with the launch of their cloud computing software, they can even keep tabs on our work documents and spreadsheets. They've got Picasa, GTalk, Google Reader, Google Analytics... and soon they'll be on mobile, too.

It just scares me to think that any one entity could hold that much information about me. Just look at Google Dashboard to see the breadth of what they have collected about you.

Not that Google cares about an individual like me. But the scary though is, what if they did?


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