Sunday, March 7, 2010


Logorama takes place in a city made up of brands and logos. Three storylines converge in a car chase-turned-hostage-situation-turned-natural disaster.

Most notable is the use of an estimated 2500 logos to make up the city scape and characters - including Michelin men cops, Pringle truck drivers and a Ronald McDonald hitman.

The story was not remarkable and it seems like a point that has been made before. Hell via capitalism when nature has her revenge? We get it.

What was more interesting to me was that a few minutes into the film, everything started to blend in and I stopped noticing the brands despite their blatant exposure. Maybe the idea was about the immunity we develop toward publicity images (ala Berger) the longer we are exposed to them. But then another IBM building, Levi's skyscraper or MGM lion (actual zoo lion) reminded me that I was in Los Angeles ala Logorama.

Or maybe H5 was just having fun. In which case it was a good 15 minutes for me, too.

Am also not sure how they got away with all of the copyright issues. I guess as long as they're giving it away for free as a creative project?


ONID said...

this is quite entertaining :-)

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