Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello, new york

Am determined to punch something out, even if it turns out to be absolute dribble! Otherwise I might end up never writing.

On New York...
Parks in the middle of random busy blocks. Beer gardens hidden behind take-out counters. Renoir, Mondrian, Pollock within walking distance. Avenue Q a few minutes away. Unlimited Metrocards that will take you up, down, up, down, up, downtown. School campuses sprawled around the city. Popup musical acts on the street. I love this city. Can I stay here forever?

On Digital...
Interesting first day of class - trend overview, networking, introduction to digital strategy tools. Some takeaways - 

All media is social! So we need to enable. / But we also need to understand the technology. Build the technology. / Even in a market as mature as the US, people at every level are trying to get a grip on "digital" - so there are always opportunities for people who can be consultative and generalists. / There are no best practices... yet.

Things change so fast and everyone has to be smart about keeping up with the developments and filtering what is going on to see how it affects different clients, brands or projects... Maybe this is why I could relate with this Morris Lewis (Alpha-Pi) at the Met.


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