Wednesday, May 12, 2010

buzz campaign - who you gonna call?

Or, AI(D)A in the NYPL

So I went to the New York Public Library on 42nd last Saturday. I love books and wish I could have grown up with establishments like these in my city (in fact I dream of opening on in Manila one day), so I definitely wanted to go at least once on this trip. I was on Skype with my family (who are back home in Manila) right before I went, and my sister mentioned that I should try doing my own take of a "sweded" Ghostbusters spoof. Right.

But while I was in one of the reading rooms on the third floor, who should show up but the "Ghostbusters"! Attention.

They walked into the room, serious expressions on their faces. Soon two "ghosts" showed up - as in two guys wearing bed sheets. I thought I took a video of the "chase" that ensued, but it didn't work out. (I don't know how but the video I actually took was of my laughing chin.) The busters chased the ghosts out of the room.

On my way out, librarians were handing out petition letters - ah, the product sell. Turns out that the library's budget is in danger of being cut and they looking for support to retain it. Interest.

Naturally I turned to the web. This is what came out when I first opened their website:

It lists the "product features" that may be lost if they lose the $37M. I would definitely sign up if I actually lived in New York! If I was an actual resident who was at the library or on their website, it seems likely that I were some sort of stakeholder and would definitely care if up to ten branches were shut and service cut down to four days a week. I would have signed the petition. Action.

I think they could have made the Ghostbusters effort even more hardworking by seeding a video of the chase, or asking one of the dozen people who pulled out cameras to post their images. Unless that wasn't their intention at all? I don't know. But I found it extremely unexpected, especially since it happened on my first time to the library! If their objective was to increase sign-ups, it would have worked on me!


kevhines said...

Your answers...

bea said...

Was it just for fun? Still awesome! Glad I was able to see it!

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