Saturday, September 4, 2010


SENTI: In the Philippines we say "senti", short for "sentimental". When someone listens to Boyz II Men, or reminisces about an ex-boyfriend, their friends might retort with "senti naman!" ("how sentimental!").
SABADO: Filipino for Saturday :)

I've been trying to find out just how many people tweeted to this hashtag today. But searching for it will show hundreds of new entries in a few seconds, so at least a few thousand today alone! Just like - 

@tonyocruz Today is #sentisabado. Philippine portion of Twitteria is on a "time space warp". To non-Filipinos, allow us to go sentimental today :)

@saabmagalona Sobrang angas mo pag kaya mong gumawa ng double star sa rubber band #sentisabado

@makilingmiracle Gentxt R U 1 F US? #sentisabado

@eclectickitty10 5110 #sentisabado

@cez8 Coney Island bubble gum ice cream :) #sentisabado
@ANDREWdecastro Coney Island German Chocolate Crunch #sentisabado

@catmarasigan Trapper Keepers! #sentisabado

@MissIzaCalzado New Kids on The Block!!! :p #sentisabado

@bevsss and my last #sentisabado for tonight is Eduardo Dalton. Goodnight, folks.

My tweet? @beaa Jem and the holograms! #sentisabado

Simple but truly viral :)
More about the origin of the #sentisabado hashtag via GameOPS.


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