Monday, November 29, 2010

how do you explain to your non-advertising relatives what your job is?

Yesterday, at cousin's bridal shower...

Explaining to my aunt what I do —

ME: I work in Strategic Planning.
HER: But you don't make the ads?
ME: No, that's creative.

But we all work together - the Account Management people know the client's business really well, and Strategic Planners know the consumer really well. Then we figure out, given the brand or product, the message that would resonate best with the target market.

HER: *disbelief, half laughing* And you can really do that?
ME: *doubtful* Um, yeah....

She looked so incredulous that I didn't even go into digital! But then she asked me what a Communication Plan is and recruited me into making one for her NGO. So I guess my explanation wasn't that far off!

*Similarly, working advertising / marketing / branding spoils our media consumption.

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