Monday, March 14, 2011

How about an offering for Pancake Extremists?

photo by Roslyn in Starfish Islandvia PhotoRee

At Pancake House one morning recently I ordered two chocolate chip pancakes. (In case you're interested, I usually order three except in this case the pancakes were preceded by tapa and rice and therefore as my breakfast dessert I only needed two pieces.)

My dish arrived and I proceeded to set aside the peanut butter and slather the entire serving of butter on the top and bottom (both) pieces.

And then it occurred to me that Pancake House serves the same amount of butter regardless of whether you order two pieces, three pieces or a waffle.

This was disturbing to me because, if you are serious about your pancakes then you must also have some long-standing belief as to the proper butter-to-pancake ratio. In the case of Panacke House, spreading all, or half on X number of pieces. And the maximum amount of butter you would put on two would definitely not be the same as the maximum amount you would put on three, or on a waffle.

And then it occurred to me that if I were Panacke House, I would delegate my next branch to Pancake Extremists. Instead of yet-another generic branch like all the dozens of branches I already have, an entire restaurant for people who have serious respect and belief for how to serve, eat and enjoy their pancakes.

Nothing but pancakes.
No rib-eye, lemon chicken, yogurt.
No omelette.
Sorry, no pan fried chicken or tacos.
Maybe country sausage and bacon.

And serious, extreme Pancakes.
Serious Stacks.
Serious Syrup.
Serious Butter, serious pancake-to-butter ratios.
A Pancake Enjoyment Manifesto.

The Classics.
Chocolate Chip,
Walnut Banana,

+ Experiments.
Green tea pancake?
Olive oil pancake?
Queso de bola bibingka pancake?
Crepe pancake?

Something new, only for serious Pancake Extremists.

Sort of like the Icecreamists.

Wouldn't it be cool if more established brands had an extreme, hard-core, serious variant, branch or offering?

This is where my thinking gets sort of fuzzy. But this isn't about creating advocates. This would be about finding people who take consuming our brand to the next level, who consider it a science (see afore mentioned panacke-to-butter ratio). Not that we would dictate rules, maybe everybody would get to share their own. As I said the idea gets fuzzy at this point.

But wouldn't it be cool if you could participate in stores for -

Fully Booked Nerds,
Charles & Keith Heels,
Muji Minimalists,
Royce Purists,
Red Ribbon Radicals,
Chippy Connoisseurs,
National School Supply Addicts???

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