Friday, December 30, 2011


This was a crazy year.

As always, a learning year.

So much happened that it has been difficult to process as they happen.

But, good stuff.

We got lots of great ideas approved. And got clients to learn that good stuff takes quite some time to figure out, think up and produce. We brought one client into digital listening. One of my strategy ideas was featured at the Ad Congress. Even if I wasn't directly involved, I was proud to watch several of our works go viral. One of our fanpages hit a million fans.

This was an epic year, better than I've had in the six years I've been doing digital.

The work is not, is never, done. There is so much more to do, always so much more to learn. But a few things that became clear to me this year, that helped me navigate the crazy space that is digital:
Never think you've figured it out, but never stop trying to understand what is going on. Digital work is team work, and the best work that gets produced is by the people you work closest and most honestly with. Learn the old school to make sense of the new. Try everything with a mind set to Play. Bring new people into the fold but their real learning will be by doing. Always ask Why, Why Not, Who Cares, What Now. Tell people what to do. Try to see the bigger picture. Remember that nobody has figured it out, that we are writing the rules together, and/but while nobody has figured it out rules are meant to be broken.

With this in mind, and a new agenda for 2012, the new year sounds quite exciting.

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