Sunday, April 8, 2012

Engagement Planning is like HopStop

Meet my mousepad.

It features my favorite city. I beat for New York because of all the tastes, smells, art, music, theater, people, parks, museums, pigeons, cabs, friends, subway crushes, halal stands, crazy but sensible street-crossing rules. One of the things I like most is the transit network that makes it possible to find your way around a crazy city - the trains, subways and buses that make it possible to navigate this crazy place and get from Spring St. to Chinatown or Columbus Circle.

Maps and wayfinding systems inspire me. Just like seeing an efficient transit map empowers me to explore new cities, sot do good digital experiences allow users to search, absorb and discover. Just like New York, there is so crazy much to see and experience in the digital space.

This thought inspires me in my work. Engagement Planning / Experience Planning is not just figuring out who we are talking to, what makes them tick, and what we need to tell them, but how to get them to identify a Point B, and then to help them figure out how to get there in the least amount of time, stops and with the least amount of effort, thought or friction.

This requires a different kind of thinking - how many stops are people willing to go, what we can do to ensure they will take each next step, how to make sure they feel validated when they get to their end-destination.

I live for this stuff.

* is a website and app that gives transit direction options, given user input of a starting point and an end point.


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