Sunday, July 1, 2012

ballet stretch

After getting addicted to a certain reality show, I've really started to appreciate all sorts of dance. And what better expression for Levi's stretch jeans than ballet? Gorgeous.

Watching this made me wonder, What was the brief?
It doesn't seem to be the most complicated leap to go from a product feature like "jeans that stretch" to a proposition of "the most flexible, graceful dancers can dance in them". Which made me wonder what the creative brief was. Did the client call out stretch as the best feature? Or was than an agency recommendation? It makes me wonder if dance/ballet was the creative leap or if the planner included that in the proposition.

Or is that the trademark of great creative work - so (both) clear and captivating tat you think that the idea practically wrote itself? Then again, this probably isn't the first time a brand has used dance to demonstrate the flexibility. So is the brilliance in the execution? Gorgeous music, storytelling within a simple narrative, excellent casting, a strategic partnership as credibility?

Or is the real lesson here that planners generally overthink?


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