Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brand PH: Filipino cuisine

Our food is our secret weapon in building Brand Philippines.

I wrote about how our exports can be our best brand experience products. With the continued rise of Filipino cuisine that may be happening.

Last summer, a Halo-halo explosion.

This year, Anthony Bourdain sampled Jollibee. Wonder what his expectations were after such a memorable food trip here in 2009.

Bourdain may have inspired the fun-loving staff at Buzzfeed to taste it for themselves.

And just a few months later, All hail, sisig! by the New York Times.
"Ears, jowls, belly. They come brined, blanched, shattered and fried, each tip blackened and alchemized, each pocket of fat approaching liquefaction. A raw yolk idles on top. Stab it and churn. This is sisig, the greatest pork hash — arguably greatest pork dish — on earth. Say the name with two flicks of the tongue, somewhere between a whisper and a hiss."
He also loved halo-halo: The lone dessert is a knockout: halo-halo (which is pronounced “hollow-hollow” and means “mix-mix” in Tagalog) is a funnel of shaved ice — not a powdery snow but coarse, so it knocks against the teeth — with aerated milk percolating down strata of fresh young coconut and coconut jelly; bananas sticky from simple syrup; spongy see-through palm seeds; and whatever berries are in season. At the top is a hunk of leche flan under an up-do of lavender-hued whipped cream, infused with ube (purple yam) and studded with popcorn. ... It is over the top yet somehow demure, Audrey Hepburn hiding the heart of Anna Nicole. When it was handed to me, everyone in the room hushed.

The lovely people at Buzzfeed have completely jumped on Pinoy food bandwagon.

Sampling Street Food

Sampling our Junk Food
I have to say though, they missed out on the really good stuff -- Chippy, Piattos, Curly Tops, local haw flakes..!

They've also listed "The 24 Filipino Foods You Need In Your Life"
And (as a result of their Pinoy immersion?) seem to have developed a very odd fascination with Sam Milby..! Whaaaa?

Cuisine as Brand-Builder
Our food might say more about us than we think. Thought when Anthony Bourdain came to the Philippines for his show he seemed frustrated not to be able to encapsulate what our cuisine is all about. That might be one reason we've had a hard time presenting it to the world. But you can sum up Filipinos in four F's: Family, Friends, Faith, Food. That's really what we have at our core. Food isn't a passion point, it's just such a big part of who we are. It's at the center of every social gathering and maybe even the main reason to get together. Now that we're spreading across the globe it makes sense that we would bring our cuisine with us. With Pinoy chefs and cooks making their mark across the US (count them on Top Chef!), we might be getting a new-generation hand at presenting our food.


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