Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Digital Best: Museums

I've visited many museums as I've travelled through different countries, definitely one of my favorite parts of getting to know new cities.

My all-time favorite is definitely MoMA. I have a soft spot for lots of New York museums because I guess I've spent the most travel time there. The Met, the Whitney, the American Museum of Natural History are some of my favorites. The Tate Modern, National Gallery and British Museum in London struck a chord as well. Some historic sites like the Tower of London and Hampton Court, while not exactly museums, had wonderful displays of information and artifacts.

Two things I've learned over the years that inspire me as a marketing professional:
*Museums make some of the best use of digital technology through Participative strategies that invite feedback and interaction. This makes what can be complicated or intimidating art or history more accessible and personal. (This also reinforces a belief I've had for a long time, which is that advertisers are often not the most advanced at digital use.)

*Museums are a fantastic model for Engagement Planning: They strategize how to present content and lead visitors through multiple content areas to deliver a narrative. They need to account for first-time, second-time, seasoned visitors. They acknowledge that different people will have their own preferences and make their own choices about moving around their content space. And they can opt to invite as much or as little participation as possible.

I have some fantastic examples for each of these points, gathered from museum visits through the years, which I'll share in a couple of future posts. (Glad I've gotten these thoughts down as they've been percolating for quite some time!) Stay tuned.

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