Monday, September 18, 2017

To the rabid ones

"Before anything like this happened for your boy, I was a fan."
- Sterling K. Brown, Emmy acceptance speech

Many actors have referenced in their acceptance speeches or award show hosting gigs the kid at home who is watching, dreaming. "This could be you one day.," is the message. Much as I'd like to rewind the clock sometimes, I'm no kid. However I like to think the sentiment could still apply.

Thanks to the magic of streaming I've revisited many older shows and I always appreciate coming across now-stars in the bit parts of their early careers. He might have turned into the formidable House, but once upon a time he was Rachel's unfortunate seatmate on a plane home from the Carribean. She's the lovable dork Jess today but there was a time when she played a manic kisser in league with Frasier. He eventually played Dick freaking Whitman (thanks for the reminder, Sterling) but unbelievably he was once cast as one of Lorelai's boring dates.

The message is that we all gotta start somewhere.

At a point in time when I'm still passionate about working hard, creating things, and being part something great, yet not super inspired by where I'm actually sitting, I really appreciate the thought that I'm on my way and this could all still lead to surprising, rewarding places.

I was once huge admirer of the industry but it seems to have lost its way. As it transitions and redefines itself I wonder if I should also be looking for something new - something I can be rabid about once again.

Here's to being fans, and to a work-world to get really excited about.



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