Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What is this???

In a video on You Tube, a guy named H725 who claims that he's from the year 2059 has gone back in time to warn us of the disappearance of words and text. "Save the text save the words," he says. He has a video that shows him and (what I suppose is) a device from the future that shows the dangers he speaks of - no words or text, only sounds and images.

The cause of all this is an organization/person called His call to action is to keep our eyes open and contact him for anything that looks "strange". The video ends with a link to his website.

What could this be?
- Viral for a new type of monitor, camera or computer?
- Promotion for the new season of Heroes?
- Teaser for a new show or movie...? This would make for a really interesting premise!
- My real guess is that it's for Microsoft's Silverlight...

Who knows what this is. On his site we find out that he has traced the disappearance back to September 27, 2007... fifteen days from today! I'll be waiting!

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