Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boomerang award finalist!

We submitted two campaigns to this year's Boomerang Awards - Globe's Paramihan (which means, if you will, "plentify") Challenge and UN WFP Coins. Both were declared Finalists - Coins in the Cyber Boomerang category and Paramihan in the Best Innovation category.

Coins - The UN World Food Programme is doing great workin Mindanao. I got to see them in action when they invited us down south. It is amazing that so many people go hungry and that so many children end up missing school because of it! And finding out that feeding someone only costs P5 ($0.10) made it seem silly that hunger exists at all. I mean, anybody has a spare five bucks! You probably have 5 pesos on your desk, in your car, in your wallet, in your couch, etc... And so the wonderful creatives came up with this.

UN WFP "Coins"
Accounts: Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, Bea Atienza
Creatives: Budjette Tan, Shirley Tan, Giselle Bautista
UN WFP Page takeover
Project Management: Jay Chiu
Creatives: Jay Arellano

Paramihan - What this campaign was supposed to do was inrcrease awareness and creatively engage the target to rise above the clutter.

There was an above-the-ine campaign but it took awhile before we reached the paramihan ("plentify") idea. Once that was finalized, it was important to give it legs. Given that there was above-the-line but no above-the-line support for online... social media was the answer and Johnny Stunts was born. This was our first social media character, so "first" that he was casted interally. But what makes me so happy about this campaign is how social media really pushed the participation to great results. We were afraid that the concept would be "paramihan" ("plentify") but nobody would join. Thank god it was quite the opposite. A good look at the campaign.

GLOBE "Paramihan Challenge"
Accounts: Maine Gatbonton, Rose Natanauan, Andrea Santos, Bea Atienza
Creatives: Budjette Tan, Shirley Tan, Norman Ramos, Jay Pangilinan, Sunny Dumayas
Project Management: Jay Chiu, Zinzi Culalic
Social Media Marketing: Kankan Lim, Elaine Uy
Content Production: Yehey team

We were happy to accept our little Boomerang Finalist trophies at the awards held earlier, right after IMMAP Day 1. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners. Here's to even better results next year!


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