Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my digital work

Took a programming class last year on to learn the basics of HTML. We were starting to do more websites and I wanted to get a better understanding of the kind of work involved in doing a website and get a feel for the basics.

I ended up with Web Design I, which I figured I could hanlde since I could do all of the requirements - one of which was to be able to use Dreamweaver. At the time I could actually sort of use Dreamweaver.... though super trial-and-error! Turned out they meant know how to use Dreamweaver as in hand code! Yikes.

Anyway I sort of just taught myself and tried to figure everything out. But not in a sloppy way (I hope); this is W3C validated!

Here is my portfolio :) Which I should get a URL for and SEO... Hmmm next project.


ONID said...

saw your portfolio bey . . . nice work :-) keep on fiddling around with design work . . . never lose it

- oniD

July Kieu said...

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