Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Was back at my old office yesterday to give a talk - our boss asked me to share about about my trip to the States and digital learning in New York. I actually wrote the presentation a month ago but just hadn't been able to deliver it since everyone (including me, haha especially me!) was busy.

It was nice to look back at what I had written down almost as soon as I had gotten back to work, fresh from the trip and before getting stressed out handling new projects.

The "framework" I was asked to use was: Five things learned, Five things unlearned. The premise was that there are new mindsets we need to develop to really go digital, but there are also some things that, as above-the-line marketers, we have to forget.

Here are my five on five, which I plan to write about in more detail in separate posts:

  • Value Marketing, inspired by MRM
  • Role of Consumer, inspired by the 140 Conference
  • Context changes with mobile, inspired by very a wired city
  • Be inspired by the art world, inspired by a very self-expressed city
  • No cheat sheet, only problem-solving, inspired by NYU

  • Optimization over launch
  • Long-term measurement over short-term
  • Propagation over viral
  • Quality over quantity, but quantity over campaign
  • Role of Consumer over all!

It was hard to whittle down the list of things I had learned to just five (or ten). Especially because I don't think I've really realized yet what I really got out of going to New York and trying to immerse in digital and art. But that's what this blog is for!


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Great post as well as great thought about digital networking. Thanks for sharing this info!


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