Friday, August 12, 2011

MARKO GERMAR for Brand Ambassador!

(Not digital except in the channel I'm using to campaign :P)

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will likely have seen my messages to @D8Marko. That is Marko Germar - a pure Pinoy who is vying for the top spot on reality show So You Think You Can Dance (in case you aren't so familiar, here's my quick intro).

Marko has been a frontrunner from the beginning. He and partner Melanie started the season with a Travis Wall contemporary routine. The judges gave the pair a standing ovation and the rest was history!

As much as I love this show, I usually save SYTYCD posts for my non-digital personal blog on Tumblr. But now I have a marketing-related issue so I'm only too happy to have an excuse to post something Marko- or SYTYCD-related on this blog!
I believe that it is only a matter of time before some brand brings this guy over as an endorser and I will be damned if it is not the agency I work for because I want to meet him! So people at that collaborative place were I work, please listen up.

See why he's awesome:

Marko's HipHop by Nappytabs
(with Melanie)

Marko's Jazz by Sonya Tayeh
(with Caitlynn)

Marko's Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh
(with Allison)
Not my favorite but his mom is so cute! And he made Gaga cry!

Marko's Samba by Jason Gilkison
(with Chelsie)

Marko's Contemporary by Travis Wall
(with Melanie)
Their first routine. The judges gave them a standing ovation!

Marko's Jazz by Ray Lapatan
(with Melanie)

Marko's Contemporary by Dee Caspary
(with Melanie)
My second favorite routine :)

Yes? Come on! He's cute, he's an awesome & passionate dancer and he's so genuine! And guess what - he couldn't afford to take dance classes all the time so he found videos on YouTube and learned off the internet! MARKO GERMAR FOR BRAND AMBASSADOR!

(In case anybody from outside my agency reads this and brings him over, PLEASE Twitter me and let me meet him!!!!)


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