Friday, August 12, 2011

TADD GADDUANG for Brand Ambassador! (slash endorser)

(Not exactly digital except in the channel I'm using to campaign :P)

Tadd Gadduang, who I follow and tweet regularly at @D8Tadd, is one of the top four finalists on So You Think You Can Dance (in case you aren't so familiar, here's my quick intro ). And he's Filipino!

He is awesome! On a show that gets dancers to stay fabulous even outside their comfort zones, he has somehow conquered almost every style thrown at him. Even if he is a B-boy (breaker), he is able to do so many styles brilliantly.

Similar to what I wrote for also-awesome-Pinoy Marko (yes the top two guys in the SYTYCD finale are Filipino!), I believe that it is only a matter of time before some brand brings this guy over as an endorser and I will be damned if it is not the agency I work for because I want to meet him! So people at that collaborative place were I work, please listen up.

See him in action & why he's awesome:

Tadd's Broadway by Spencer Liff
(with Melanie)

Tadd's Contepmorary by Travis Wall
(with Jordan)

Tadd's Hip-Hop by Nappytabs
(with Jordan)

Tadd's Contemporaryby Sonya Tayeh
(with Ellenore, who is also part Pinoy!)

Tadd's Viennese Waltzby Jean-Marc Genereux
(with Ellenore, who is also part Pinoy!)

Also, there's a forum dedicated to his abs ("The Official Keep Your Shirt Off, Tadd Fanclub"). Yes, he can dance, he's super cute and he's cut to death. He also loves the Philippines - at every elimination episode, Tadd has worn a Filipino shirt :)

Yes? Come on! He's cute, he's an awesome & passionate dancer and he's so genuine! TADD FOR BRAND AMBASSADOR!

(In case anybody from outside my agency reads this and brings him over, PLEASE Twitter me and let me meet him!!!!)

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