Monday, September 12, 2011

Planning detour

I often wonder how I got here. Planning was a detour within advertising, one I never even thought of pursuing. When I took advertising in college talked mostly about Accounts and Creatives. Planning was never really discussed, and if it was it didn't make an impact on me.

I was assigned to a big project with working our head of Planning during my first month in advertising. During a cab rides back from a client's office, he told me he thought I had a "planning brain" and asked if I'd ever considered working in that group. The honest answer was no.

I was strictly on the digital path and nothing was going to derail me, certainly not a group called "Strategic Planning" that wasn't on my radar. I wonder what would have happened if I'd known what he was talking about and/or if I'd taken him seriously. That was almost five years ago. And now I'm here. How do things happen?


Finn said...

Taking a detour- whether be it by changing strategies or shifting to a different- is essential in marketing. Not doing so may lead to the failure and non-effect of the campaign.
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skyshrouder said...

In every strategic planning there will be detours to your plan but as long as you are leading to your destination its OK to use to another path.
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Marshal Drake said...

It's not that bad when some of your strategies doesn't work. There will always be something good along the way, all they have to do is keep doing what's right.

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spynetwork21 said...

In marketing there will always be different techniques in marketing your product. When one process doesn't work you need to learn other methods.

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Allen Bates said...

Great article, I definitely learned something new. Thanks.
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bea said...

Thanks for the comments... and the links.

Anonymous said...

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